Processes and Performance

Performance Management

Cogesmont can propose different management models, for example management by objectives models or participative management models. By implementing these models, efficiencies may be increased anywhere from 10{a56121d86a78bd397170951b40e2b19fccca59a4c4475f45949635492025dc39} to 25{a56121d86a78bd397170951b40e2b19fccca59a4c4475f45949635492025dc39}, or more, depending on objectives and measures taken.

Cogesmont will partner with your management team to promote various strategies and offer recommendations to help your company gain efficiencies.
Moreover, Cogesmont can create specific performance indicators to get better balanced results.

Here are some examples of what Cogesmont can do for you:

With a stringent management model, Cogesmont created and implemented an account receivables collection process, achieving the following:

  • Reduced account receivables from $9M to $4M;
  • Reduced the collection life cycle from 120 days to less than 45 days; and
  • Balanced trust accounts and lowered its deficit by $3M in one year – it was as low as $2M at the company’s liquidation.

Companies have saved anywhere from one to ten million dollars, thanks to Cogesmont. To help attain these savings, Cogesmont assisted them in their assessment of policies and procedures, office and administration procedures, and in developing various commercial strategies.

Process Management

Cogesmont applies the Lean Six Sigma method to analyze processes.

Cogesmont will make recommendations to your company’s management team to help improve policies and procedures, as well as maximizing tasks and responsibilities of your work force, in various areas.

Cogesmont will prepare plans that integrate different cultures to ensure they are all in accordance with the missions and goals of your company.

Here are some examples:

Cogesmont will analyze your processes and then either enhance your existing applications or develop new ones for your different services:

  • back office administration and data processing,
  • sales tax returns, budgeting and administrative processes,
  • Internet transaction services,
  • brokerage, granting of loans (consumer loans and mortgages), issuance of banking cards, and
  • management by exception,

all of which contribute to improve your company’s efficiency by an average of 25{a56121d86a78bd397170951b40e2b19fccca59a4c4475f45949635492025dc39}.

Cogesmont maps and analyzes the value stream of your company and documents the operating processes as well as management processes.

Solutions Building Sessions

With its Kaizen workshops, Cogesmont encourages change management and facilitates the rapid implementation of solutions. Attending employees participate in the identification and deployment of overall win-win solutions.

Cogesmont uses all the appropriate Lean Six Sigma tools to identify solutions that will effectively contribute to the achievement of desired goals.