Strategic Development

Cogesmont will evaluate and help you decide whether to outsource or keep a specific task in-house.

Cogesmont will partner with your management team to prepare a three-year strategic plan and assist you with its implementation.

Cogesmont will be “on watch” to ensure that your strategic plan is supported by an adequate situational analysis.


Cogesmont will assess each department or sector.

Corporate Governance and Management

Board of directors: When filling in as general manager, Cogesmont prepares, moderates and conducts meetings.

Strategic direction and budget committee: Cogesmont identifies and presents functional changes to companies.

Audit committee: Cogesmont will organize meetings with internal and external auditors.

Executive and other committees: When acting as President, General Manager, Controller or member of the board, Cogesmont prepares, facilitates and participates in seminars; Cogesmont will also ensure that sound business practices are maintained.

Companies and mergers/acquisitions: Cogesmont develops and implements strategies which will contribute to the integration of best business practices of the companies. Cogesmont will also act as a mediator for you in your merger or take-over process.

Networking: Cogesmont is an active participant in the business people networking arena.

Business Plans

Cogesmont develops business plans for companies, which can include, a marketing analysis, start-up plan and an action plan, if necessary.