Information Systems and Application Development

Cogesmont evaluates beta versions of developers’ software and software packages.

At your request, Cogesmont will proceed with the evaluation of commercialized software to help you select the most appropriate version for your needs.

Cogesmont will assist you in evaluating controls and complex systems.

Cogesmont will analyze existing accounting and financial systems, which can be integrated or modular (for accounting, production cost, stock), as well as budgeting applications and databases. If needed, Cogesmont can develop and implement new systems that will simplify the analysis of your cost or statistical data.

Here are some examples of what Cogesmont can do for you:

Cogesmont has developed the following types of applications:

  • Production cost per sector, product, service or product line;
  • Analysis of absenteeism;
  • Monthly income statement reporting by the creation of multiple links and summaries that compare data against estimates;
  • Sales and commissions analysis;
  • Budget per hypothesis (model building);
  • Personalized and standardized evaluation questionnaire;
  • Investment certificates management;
  • Statistics on departments, financial or manufacturing activities;
  • Proposal systems integrated into the purchase requisition process;
  • Production cost (by unit, output, process, etc.);
  • Management of proposals, work orders, timesheets and invoices; and
  • Data security.