Management Accounting

Production Costs and Financial Analysis

Cogesmont will analyze the profitability of your products or product lines, efficacy of your production department, and implement production cost systems to help you with budgeting.

Cogesmont will prepare accounting programs by sector and integrate them into your budgeting costing systems.

Cogesmont will provide forecasts and budgeting analyses for your company.

Requests to have your production, transportation and distribution costs analyzed. Cogesmont will obtain results by using (standard and personalized) accepted tracking methods.


Mergers, Assessments and Acquisitions: Cogesmont will evaluate the mergers of large corporations and participate in their assessment for acquisition.

Investments and Acquisitions: Cogesmont will help you prepare your investment files, whether it is for the purchase of new equipment or an extension of your building, support all negotiations in regard to grant applications and financial strategic development.

Arrangement with creditors: Cogesmont will assist companies in pursuit of financial solutions with their creditors by drafting financial statements.

System Implementation

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Model Building

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